Vibrationally Chic!!....what does it mean?

Vibrationally Chic!!....what does it mean?

I love gemstones & crystals!!  I love the meanings, beauty and the stories behind them.

When I'm creating jewelry, I'm thinking of the person who is going to receive it. Sending them good, positive energy and how I want them to look good in my jewelry but mostly, how I want them to feel good as well.

I truly believe in the energy that gemstones carry...I mean, c'mon...they're from the earth.

No, they will not cure any diseases, they will not perform some miracle in your life, but the energy from them and their meanings CAN help you to look at and accept life differently.

Wearing Vibrationally Chic jewelry just means that you are vibrating good, positive energy into those you come in contact with and looking damn good at the same time.

Be Vibrationally Chic


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